Syncing and Encryiption

One of the reasons why I left Evernote and switched to DEVONthink was because I all of my information in a secure location. All of my databases are stored locally on my computer.

After I downloaded DTTG I realized there are a few syncing options (all of which I found complicated to setup, but that’s another topic). Some of the options that caught my eye were Box and Dropbox.

My question is: when should I be using these services to sync my databases? Let’s say I decide to use Dropbox for example, does my database have to be stored in Drobox? If so, should my database not include any sensitive information?

I noticed there is an encryption option during the setup, what does that really do? Does it encrypt the database? And if it does, is it save to store my database on Dropbox?

What’s the safest way to sync databases with sensitive information?

Finally, after I get all of that figure out, does the information sync both ways? For example, if I synced my database for the first time to my iPad then created documents on the iPad, do those documents sync to the Mac automatically using Dropbox or Box?

I hope I’m making sense. Everything was so easy when I was using Evernote, I didn’t have to worry about syncing, it just happened. I know that keeping my files secured takes more work than that, so I’m trying to educate myself on how this works with DEVONthink.

No. You should never put your databases in a Dropbox (or other cloud-synced) folder or you could irreparably damage them. Never. The safest location is somewhere in ~/Documents.

Sync is bidrectional, so changes on one propagate to the Syncing devices. It mirrors to keep things the same.

Encryption only applies when an encryption key is specificed. It encrypted the data on transmission and storage at the Sync location. It does NOT encrypt the local database.

Evernote is not doing what DEVONthink is doing and only Syncs to itself.


Now that Evernote has raised it’s pricing scheme and Devonthink now has a full-fledge iOS app (and cloud syncing) I decided it was time to try Devonthink again. But, for the life of me I can not find any documentation on how to set up Sync between the three devices. On each device it is asking me to set-up a new sync store.

I have Dropbox and iCloud accounts. If possible I would prefer to use iCloud because I’m paying for extra storage on it, but if not I would be happy to set

Is there any documentation anywhere that explains how to set this up?


Try doing a search for syncstore and sync (but only look at very recent posts, as the latest DT and DTTG do syncing totally differently. And iCloud cannot be used since it is not designed to support live data in bundles. Dropbox would be your avenue.

Assuming you have the most recent DT, also look in its help, from the menu.