Syncing and VPNs


Last year, several people (myself included) began to having CloudKit syncing issues that were linked with NordVPN (Syncing issue CloudKit). I have two questions:

  • Have these been resolved?
  • Are there any known CloudKit syncing issues connected with other VPNs?

I am asking because my NordVPN subscription is about to renew and I am considering switching to another provider.


The issue wasn’t with our sync engine but with NordVPN and iCloud. You’d have to ask them about this issue.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to imply that this was an issue with DEVONThink. That being said, could you provide any suggestions as to how I might look into this? Googling “NordVPN icloud problems” didn’t reveal anything helpful.

No offense taken :slight_smile:

Perhaps they’ve resolved the issues as I’m not seeing any active issues being shown in their support.