Syncing at Work

Simply, I can’t get Sync to function.

I can also say that if you’re using anything like Bonjour to connect the mobile app to the desktop one, it’s never going to work for me because my work network separates Wifi and Ethernet to different subnets that can’t see each other.

Please take a note from Avatron’s Air Sharing and allow for manual IP or DNS name entry for data sources and/or device location.

I also don’t like the implied lack of security by dropping items into the Sync Group and having no password or visible encryption schemes.

I think Dropbox would be the nicest way of syncing, then one could sync between devices on the go without needing the desktop. That might take a bit of reworking of DEVONthink so it could take a while.

I think security is ok. Items seem to always be tied to a database and if that is password protected, it will be also with DTTG.


I’ll throw in my opinion here… I already have DTPO set up to serve my database over the internet, and my network configured to route through a proxy. I’d like to have it sync over the existing server by simply providing the URL and login credintials. I’d rather not use Dropbox, as I’ve had a database become corrupt in the past by having 2 computers trying to sync the same database to Dropbox at the same time.

DEVONthink To Go uses Bonjour to discover Macs with suitable instances of DEVONthink running.