Syncing Databases usin


  • I am Using the current version of Devonthink Pro Office (2.9.6) and the last version of Devonthink To Go (downloaded) from the Apple Store to my iPad.
  • A long time ago, i´m trying to sync my databases USING DIRECT CONNECTIONS (both devices: my MacBook Pro and my iPad connected to the same network).
  • The Devonthink To Go installed on the iPad recognizes the Mac (after doing all the adjustments), BUT when I try to sync the selected databases, ALWAYS appears a message that says SERVER BUSY.
  • I´ve tried to Sync using different networks (thinking it was a internet speed problem), and the same issue occurs: “Server Busy”
  • Also I erased the Devonthink to Go app from my iPad, and re downloaded it, without results: Server Busy.
    I would appreciate if somebody helps me telling me what do I have to do in order to Sync my Selected Databases USIN DIRECT CONNECTION Mode.
    Thank you very much in advance

Please start a Support Ticket. Thanks.