Syncing databases using multiple sync providers


Is it possible to sync databases using multiple providers? As in, can I:

1.) Have a database on a computer which I share over Bonjour/LAN, and also over DropBox

2.) Sync another computer or mobile device using Bonjour/LAN and Dropbox as the sync sources for that database

The user interface seems to allow this, but the technical ramifications are not clear.

My goal would be to have the sync occur over the faster LAN when possible, and over DropBox when the computers/devices are not on the same LAN. Even more interesting would be if DevonThink would prioritize Bonjour/LAN when possible to keep the devices in sync, so there’s less traffic to the Internet in terms of up/downloads to from Dropbox.



This is fully supported and faster sync locations (e.g. Bonjour or local sync stores) have a higher priority than slower ones (e.g. Dropbox)