Syncing Devonthink, the never ending topic

curious if anyone has recently [say last 2 years] done a head to head comparison of syncing databases with iCloud kit and Dropbox? as quantitative as possible and tracked results over weeks or months?
I cannot for various reason, regularly do a bonjour/local sync so please leave that recommendation out of the discussion. Thanks!

I haven’t, and you are most welcome to ignore this post, as it deviates somewhat from your question. Having spent quite some time on the forum here, it would seem to me though that sync problems are down to more than just the choice of sync store location. I say that because there have been passionate posts by users of both iCloud and Dropbox seeking assistance - whilst at the same time the largest proportion of users seems to have no trouble at all. That leads me to believe that other factors - maybe geographic location, quality or type of internet connection, who knows what else - may be involved. As such, it may actually be down to trying and seeing what works best for you. And, of course, the list of possibilities isn’t exhausted with iCloud and Dropbox.

For what it’s worth: for me, iCloud has become more reliable over the past year or so - although I don’t use it for sync, because it used to be so unreliable for me that even Apple’s software didn’t reliably sync. I use CloudMe for DT sync - whilst there are occasional hiccups (that is gateway errors) they have always been self-resolving within hours at the most.


I only have one word: WebDAV.

I don’t know if it is because it is the oldest protocol and all code and strange corner situations, exceptions, obscure combinations of events are resolved (*) but to me it is the most reliable of all protocols. After using iCloud one (old and new), Dropbox, the only that hasn’t given me any issue has been WebDAV (@Blanc , never tested CloudMe, too much expensive for my needs).

(*) And I’m not talking about DT code. I’m writing about ALL the code, server, client, “passways”, sockets, partner asking you go to bed and stop coding, the cat jumping over your keyboard while you are doing that critical routine…


I seem to have gotten in at the right time - I pay next to nothing for what I have.

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I pay exactly nothing. :stuck_out_tongue:

There are no metrics I’ve ever seen anyone present and also, they would still be highly subjective results. There are too many uncontrollable variables at play in each environment to have objective results.

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based on feedback, logs, requests for help, etc that Devonthink gets pertaining to sync have Devonthink done root Cause analysis to try to isolate the problems?

Obviously we continue improving what we can. Other things are not possible for us to fix. Like all of you, we can file bug reports but they’re out of our hands after that.

given the media reports about Apple iCloud issues exposed by developers world wide, one of the root cause with Apple’s service seems to be they are slow to do anything about their problems. oh well. :wink:

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