Syncing files atted to DTTG from other apps via "open in"

I have been trying to pass documents to DTTG (and ultimately, hopefully, to my Desktop DT) from other apps on the iPad. For example, I have a PDF in an email and use “open in” to get it into DTTG. The PDF will then show up in DTTG and be in my documents list (but not in a group, just listed among all my groups). I cannot figure out how to get these files to sync back to DT. Is this not supported? Is there a way to get anything into my DT database besides the simple plain text documents I can create within the app?


This is supported, so it sounds like something isn’t working right. When you send a file to DtTG from another app, it adds the file to you Global Inbox (does this match what you see?).

In order to get those files to DT, you need to make sure that you have selected the Global Inbox to be synced with DT.

Let me know if you have that all set up correctly and it still isn’t working correctly.

I guess I haven’t configured DT properly then. I have only set up my groups to sync. I’m not sure how to configure my global inbox to sync (nor even how to find my global inbox). Is it just called ‘inbox’ in DT personal? Unlike other groups, when I right-click on my inbox, I see no menu option to ‘replicate’ or ‘duplicate’, which was how I set up my other groups to be in mobile sync. I also can’t drag my inbox into the mobile sync group. I must be missing some trick. Sorry for my naiveness, but hopefully there is just something simple I’m not aware of.

The Global Inbox doesn’t have a Mobile Sync group. Everything in Global Inbox will Sync to DT To Go, but only if the Global Inbox is checked during Sync setup.

Aha! My mistake. There appears to be a bug with DTTG where it doesn’t correctly handle documents coming in via “Open In” when it is synced with DT Personal or DEVONnote. Because of this, it doesn’t actually create those documents in DTTG (even though it will display them initially), which is why they are not synced. I’ll be looking into this so it can be fixed for a future release.