Syncing for two-year-olds

I have a devonthink db on an imac and I’d like to sync it with my macbook pro. At this point I’ve not used devonthink on the laptop, so have been reading about sync options. I’m initially content to just sync using a direct connection, but figure that at some point I’d like to use DTTG on my ipad and I’m thinking that might mean I need something other than the direct connection option.

I use Chronosync to sync certain folders/files between the two machines. Should I not use it to sync DT databases? I’m assuming I should not.

I could use dropbox, but assume that means that the files in my DT database are copied to dropbox (as opposed to just info about the files and their locations). I’m not keen on having to pay for more space on dropbox, but could do that as well.

I’m quite confused and would like someone to hold my hand and give me the straight scoop.


Mac to Mac Syncing is one thing.
Mac to mobile syncing is another.

Could you start a Support Ticket for me? Thanks. :smiley:

There are some old threads here regarding Chronosync and DEVONthink. Chronosync can be used to sync DEVONthink databases. I prefer to not use the “dissect packages” setting when synchronizing databases so that the entire database is copied including all the folders and files within the database. Be sure that the database is closed on all machines when syncing with Chronosync.