Syncing Icons between Desktop and laptop

Hi all,

I’m using DEVONThink on my laptop and dektop Macs.

I spent a fair bit of time setting up pretty icons for my groups and databases on my laptop. There really are quite a few. Can someone please tell me that there’s a way to sync these icons between machines?

Thanks so much.


As far as I remember, they automatically do.

Welcome @EmmCeeSq
The custom icons on groups in a DEVONthink database sync between Macs.
Nicely, the custom group icons also sync to DEVONthink To Go :slight_smile:

Custom icons on databases do not.

Thanks for the responses. Most kind.

While databases are syncing fine for me (I’m using iCloud (Cloudkit) to sync them), icons don’t appear to be syncing. I don’t mind if icons don’t sync on mobile devices, but it would be nice to have those icons I’ve added to appear on all my machines. Any ideas why it might not be working?

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You’re welcome.

icons don’t appear to be syncing.

Pictures would be good.


There we go. These are great on my laptop, but don’t sync to my desktop.

Apple’s iCloud, based on reports here, sometimes is troublesome. What happens if you try another sync service? I recommend you turn on Bonjour synching (usually more reliable and quickest), and if you really a third party internet sync service, try Dropbox.

Thanks for this, I’ll try some other sync methods. I have to say, while I think DT is a powerful and useful app, I’m finding that it’s very creaky in some respects, and syncing is clearly one. I do think end-users like me are becoming used to a more seamless syncing experience for these things, and while it might seem a minor/cosmetic thing, I wonder if paying attention to these details might improve the overall first impressions of the app.

Anyway, thanks so much for the help.


What can DEVONtechnologies do in your opinion to fix Apple’s iCloud service?

This service is not even working reliably or fast outside of DT (for me at least): saving files to the files app on iOS and then trying to use them on a Mac – takes anything between instantaneous and 30 minutes before they are available.


AFAIK, Apple is completely in charge of their sync services. Been discussed here in the forum, and in other forums for other apps, for a … very long time. Not news.

Perhaps you can itemise the “creaky” bits here and there may well be some suggestions for you.

I agree with others here that Apple’s failure to offer a smooth (or even functional :roll_eyes:) sync service via CloudKit is a failure of Apple’s, not the apps trying to use it (and worth noting that Apple’s own products are suffering from the same issues… my Apple Notes hasn’t been syncing correctly since they broke something at Christmas, when a lot of people across the web started reporting issues with CloudKit).

However, to your actual question, I am using CloudKit and also have unique icons for my groups (and databases), and the icons have synced fine across devices and are visible next to the group names on DTTG.

Is there a black dot next to the database on your Mac, which indicates it’s got data left to sync? (I would assume if there is no dot, CloudKit thinks it synced everything.)

Did you create the icons by dragging a new icon into the “get info” menu for each group? I’m wondering if there is an “unofficial” way to change group icons which might result in a weird sync (I have no idea).

I tried all the sync methods. None of them worked. However, docs and groups are syncing, so I’ll just leave it at that. Thanks for those that offered advice.

Database icons are actually not part of the database and therefore not synchronized, they’re just custom icons of the database package (.dtBase2 or .dtSparse) in the filesystem. These icons are also used by the Finder and can be changed via its Info window.

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Sure thing. I would like to sync smart rules for example. Most of the solutions I’ve seen on the forum are frankly a bit beyond my skill level at this point (or rather, I don’t want to expend the time working it out). That’s item one.