Syncing indexed files

I just tried the new sync technology from DT 2.9 in combination with DTTG 2.0: Simply great!

I have one question though:

I first sync’ed with the option that contents of indexed files is not synchronized. Later I thought it would be useful to fully sync also indexed files. So I switched on the option in the inspector for my dropbox store.

However, nothing changed - indexed files are still not sync’ed.

What am I doing wrong?


This doesn’t update already uploaded records, you have to clean the sync store and upload the database again.

I have the opposite problem. I have a database of indexed files that somehow uploaded all of the external files to iCloud. I only want the DT search index accessible in DTTG, not all of the external PDF files. How can I prevent DT from uploading everything?

This is the default behavior and is also discussed in the Help > Documentation > In & Out > Sync > Indexing and Sync.
However, unchecking the Synchronize contents of indexed items is a global setting for the sync location, so you can’t apply it to one database you’re syncing to the location and not the others.

If you are going to change the setting, I suggest you clean the location first, change the setting, then sync.

But do read and understand what you’re doing when you change this.

Thanks. I understand. It’s too bad DTTG doesn’t support indexed items,

You’re welcome.

It’s too bad DTTG doesn’t support indexed items,

iOS is even more strict about providing access to other apps’ sandboxes so there is more than one technical difficulty to overcome. Perhaps in the future.

I didn’t mean that I want to index folders on an iOS device. What I am wishing for is a way to sync only the search index of a database, without having to sync the items too.

Well, technically there is with the aforementioned setting.