Syncing Issue with my iPhone

  1. Mac 2. iPad 3. iPhone. My Mac & iPad have the same Global Inbox 78, but my iPhone Global Inbox shows 67. Any thoughts??? & thank you

I am unable to figure out the problems from these screen shots.

I recommend you start by reading and trying the things about Troubleshooting Sync issues in the DEVONthink Manual.

If using Apple’s Cloud services that could be the problem as that service, as you can read here, is fraught with unreliability.

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Indeed, what kind of sync are you using?

iCloud Legacy

Best to use another sync method

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I will go through this later tonight. Thanks again for all your help & wisdom :wink:

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I want to thank you and everyone for all your incredible support. Because now I have all my devices correctly syncing. :blush: Thanks again for everything!!!


Excellent and you’re welcome :slight_smile: