Syncing large database: sync only groups and tags?

I have a large database of PDFs and photographs that I have imported into DTPO.

I was able to successfully sync the PDFs, between my two laptops using Dropbox. But I was unable to complete a sync of the photos (of which there are 3000+ from a recent research trip). I ended up loading the photos locally on to my second laptop.

I’d like to do a bunch of tagging and grouping of the photos. I’m wondering if there is a way to sync only the groups and tags that I create–and not the photos. Loading material locally on both laptops and then syncing the tags and groups I create would be a less taxing operation.

I’ve read the help and looked through the board, but haven’t seen an answer. Forgive me if I’ve overlooked something.

Nope. Currently Sync is an all-or-nothing proposition. Things you don’t want Synced would have to be in a separate non-Syncing database.

Thanks for the quick response.