Syncing/linking troubles

Just got a new 10.5 iPP but having trouble getting DTG to work. First it refused to download via iCloud backup and now I’m struggling to connect it to my location. It says location added etc but I can’t add the database itself because it keeps spinning and I’m getting an error.

I tried to attach the screenshot but the forum keeps insisting that the image is a png when it isn’t, it’s a jpg!

In DEVONthink To Go 2 select Help > Contact Us to start a Support Ticket. Thanks.

It got sorted. I had to uninstall reinstall link/unlink a few times but it finally did its thing and is working fine.

Restoring from iCloud (and to a lesser extent iTunes) backups have gotten much better of the last few years, but they’re still pretty sketchy at times!

Exactly. Last time I restore from a backup, especially now with a 256 10.5. It took ridiculously long and some apps (like DTTG) refused to download at all, thus defeating the purpose.