Syncing links?


Anxiously awaiting this app!

Will I be able to sync and then open links (webloc files)? This is a big feature that I use in DT on my Mac.


Yes, it will be possible.

Well that’s good news!

What about the other way - getting links into DT so that I can sync? Will there be a way to capture bookmarks, either from Safari or from within an integrated browser? if not, will that be added at some point?


The DEVONthink/Safari bookmarklets for Bookmark, HTML, and Text also work with DEVONthink To Go/Safari on the iOS. The URLs are also captured for the documents, just as is the case for DEVONthink Mac. The Selection bookmarklet does not work, however one can simulate the same functionality by doing the following:

  1. Make a selection in Safari iOS and copy.
  2. Call the DEVONthink Text bookmarklet and the text of the entire page will be captured and opened in DEVONthink To Go.
  3. Click and hold in the page to bring up the contextual menu and choose ‘Select all’.
  4. Touch the backspace key on the keyboard to clear the page (don’t cut the page as it replaces the captured text on the clipboard).
  5. Click and hold again in the page to bring up the contextual menu and choose ‘Paste’.

DEVONthink To Go also has a ‘Capture’ contextual menu to capture a selection from the integrated browser.

That’s fantastic that the bookmarklets work in both Mac and iOS, as I used the Bookmark to DT bookmarklet constantly on my MacBook.

Can’t wait! thanks.

Do x-devonthink-item:// links work in DTTG? I use these extensively to connect annotation documents to their sources.

Yes, they do as long as the document is synced to DEVONthink To Go. Works for linked documents in the DT database as well as links to items in other apps. As one example, I can use the ‘Reminders>Add as To Do to OmniFocus’ script to create a task in OmniFocus linking to the document in DEVONthink. When I sync the document to DTtG and the task to my iPhone, when I click on the link to the document in OmniFocus, the document is opened in DTtG. The reverse works also for apps that can create the appropriate links. I can include an omnifocus:///task/ link in a DT document and clicking on that link in DTtG will open the task in OmniFocus.

Very useful. Thanks, Greg.

gah this looks SO COOL I CAN’T WAIT

The bookmarklet is not working for me on my iPhone, I get a message saying “This bookmarklet only works on Mac OS X. Sorry”.

The regular bookmarklets work, only the Clip to DEVONthink bookmarklet does not.

maybe so, but not IME. I tried the PDF bookmarklet and it does not work…