Syncing on the local network: How do I add a Local Sync Store on the iPad?

After reading Weird sync between DTP and DTTG: any fix? I now have decided to add local-network syncing. (Dropbox syncing I am using for years and it is better than nothing (when out and a bout), but often something is weird and untrustable on the iPad end…) - So I hope when I add Bonjour syncing to my databases, things will be synced more reliably – at least before I hit the road. :slight_smile:

I had a look at the manuals, but I’m still unclear about how to set up local syncing:

  • On the Mac I understand a Bonjour store is created when I select on the Sync Settings panel from the “+” drop down the entry “Add Local Sync Store…”. Is this correct?

  • On the iPad I cannot find any Local sync store option under LocationsEdit. The DTTG manual talks about “set up your device as a server”, but do i have to do this? I want the iPad not to act as a sever, just to sync quick and reliably via a sync store on the local network.

Thanks for any pointers!

On the Mac you set up Bonjour by making it open to incoming connections.

On the iOS device, your Mac then appears as a location, which you just add.

Thanks. Will try this out when I’m back at my Mac.

I don’t know where you’re getting this idea but it’s incorrect. Where in the documentation do you see this?

Also, making a Bonjour sync has been covered many times, in the documentation, this specific forum post: Bonjour Simplified, and even Help > Tutorials > Sync via Bonjour.

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Thank you for the link to the forum post. I will take it to heart. :slight_smile:

ps; I did look over the help and manuals, but starting with the (wrong) presumption that local syncing is Bonjour syncing, I got very confused…

You’re welcome.

This gets many people in trouble, in many facets of life.

And Bonjour is a sync on a local network but it’s a direct connection sync with no intermediary storage location for sync data.

Couldn’t agree more… :innocent:

So now I followed the Bonjour Simplified post.

Everything goes well until adding the Sync location on iOS. The Mac sync location (“toki@tokipona”) appears, I add it and get the options panel:

Then I hit save and get the password dialog:

And after this the local sync location toki@tokipona appears for a split second - and then disappears again, so that I end up only the the old existing dropbox sync stores:

This doesn’t look right to me, or is it?

No, it isn’t correct.

Quit and relaunch both DEVONthink and DEVONthink To Go and try it again.

Did this - and now it works. Thanks.

The syncing is MUCH faster than via a cloud store. :smiley:

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You’re welcome and :100:. It’s also generally very reliable and it’s private, so wins all around.