Syncing parts of a database

My databases are too big to fit in the iPad. How could i choose that DEvonToGo only syncs documents in one group (that could be named “Sync to iPad” and could contain replicated files )

THank you, i hope this is not a question already answered, i made a research and didn’t fins a topic.

Databases are always completely synchronized, therefore one possibility would be to create a new database for this task. Another possibility is to disable the sync option that contents are automatically downloaded and finally enable the automatic download just for the desired group(s).

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I already had the idea to make a new database “sync ipad”. The no-go problem is that you cannot replicate from one database to another, so you cannot work on the document on the ipad if you want that the result will be synced back.

So what i did: “Inbox” is already synced on the ipad as it is not very big. Si i made a group “for ipad, read only” , and copy there a copy of the document of another database in order to read it, but not to work on it.

i will try your second proposal, i didn’t see this possibility, thank you.