Syncing PDFs between Readdle Documents and DT

Hi – I want to read and annotate PDFs on my iPad, in the Readdle Documents app, and have the changes I make to those PDFs (ie, the annotations I’ve added) appear in the same PDFs in the group where I store them in my DT database. (ie, I want to sync that group of PDFs in DT to the same PDFs in Documents, which by the way says it is a “WebDAV compliant” app – although I’m only vaguely aware of what that means).
Is that possible? The only reason I want the actual PDFs to stay in DT is so that their contents can be searched via DT.

Suggestions, anyone?

The common practice is to store your documents in your favorite network storage account, index the document folders in DEVONthink, and use Documents on your iOS device for reading and annotation.

Documents can synchronize with Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, Google Drive, and several other services. Most of these will sync with your desktop/laptop. All of the folders synced this way can be indexed in DEVONthink.

For information about indexing, search the forum – there are hundreds of threads on the topic.

Perfect. Thanks, as usual, for your excellent advice.

If you like annotating PDFs with Readdle Documents, you might also want to look at PDF Expert while it is on sale for 50% off this week. I use both apps extensively-they work well together, share the same iCloud library, etc. That should be especially useful once iCloud Drive is available to everyone.