Syncing taking a LONG time

I noticed in the last few days that DT seems to be taking a long time to sync. The last time one database in question was synced was a few days ago with few changes since then.
I repaired the database (just one orphaned file), closed the VPN (in case), etc., but when I go into Settings Sync, there’s a spinning dialog on that database. If I close that database, then it spins on that other database.
I have TONS of iCloud data so that’s not the problem.
From what I see, DT gives you zero information what is actually going on. If there is a way to see any kind of verbose syncing activity, that would be helpful.
Not sure what else to try.
Thanks in advance,

I assume you’re using CloudKit, correct?

And control over syncing has been addressed many times in the documentation, our blog, these forums, etc. See…

I deleted everything, restarted the computer, created a brand new sync task (both sides) and things seem to be working better now.


That’s an aggressive approach and even if it seems to have yielded fruit, that’s not sustainable over time. Reinstallation is not an early troubleshooting step. Nuke and rebuild is even further downstream.

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In my opinion, reinstallation is pointless. If the software has a bug, it will not go away by reinstalling the same product again. If it has no bug, why reinstall it?
If there’s a bug somewhere else, like a configuration file, there are usually less invasive ways to fix it. Reinstalling sounds a bit like buying a new car because the ashtray of the current one is full.

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Wasn’t sure what else to try…Nothing was syncing/connecting. Just a spinning wheel with no progress shown of any kind.

I didn’t re-install DT itself. I just deleted the sync tasks, recreated them, and then deleted and re-imported on DT on the iPhone.

DT has been pretty solid over the past few years so I am not sure what went south.

The “point” was to get the software working again.

I re-installed the sync tasks and re-imported on iPhone since I was out of ideas DT (the program) was not giving me any information, just a spinning wheel with no information of any kind. Hung.

Who would fix that “bug”? How to contact them? How to determine what the bug is?

This experience was just like a “Windows” problem … re-install! :frowning:

Or, when I worked on my motorcycle, the first instruction in the shop manual was always to “disassemble the motorcycle”. LOL.

In any case everything seems to be working again as it had been for several years. No idea what went south.


what was the size of your database?
is your sync task on iOS setup to download always or On Demand?

mine is On Demand and still takes forever :frowning: