Syncing thru iCloud

Hi there,
I set up both my iMac and iPad for synchronization thru Dropbox. It works just fine but I wonder how to do it thru a NAS server (Synology) or thru iCloud?

Is there any way to do it ?

Thanks in advance


You cannot use iCloud for Syncing to DEVONthink To Go 2. This may change in the future but it is not technologically feasible at this time.

As far as the NAS, you could use a local syncStore on it, or potentially use the WebDAV function. However, this will be a LAN Sync unless you properly set it up for Internet access (which is beyond the scope of our Support).


I am trying to use my Synology as a WebDav but I use self signed certificate. My Synology is already configured with DDNS and is accessible via the web (including WebDAV connection). Devonthink is refusing to authenticate https connection to webdav with a self signed certificate.

Would it be possible to allow logging in to WebDAV with self signed certificate? That should help solve the problem.




It’s a little bit a shame that an application dedicated to the Mac cannot use iCloud. This requires to increase subscriptions to cloud services. Hope that the future you are talking about will not be a future far away.

In any case, thanks for your quick reply.


The limitation is on Apple’s end as far as I know. Devonthink supports sync through quite a few other services.

@docsb: It already does but there was a small regression in the current build. Look for a fix in a maintenance release.

@BlueFrog Thanks a lot for the quick reply. Will be on the lookout for the maintenance release.