Syncing to Dropbox keeps timing out


I have been trying for hours to complete a full sync of a single datbase to Dropbox. Each time, the process is interrupted partway because of one file or another, and this causes my sync request to timeout. For example:

8:43:32 AM: Syncing Leopard with Could not add Puri - 2002 - Concerning Kamasutras Challenging Narratives of H.pdf to the transaction (Could not store the record (The request timed out. (The request timed out.), Could not write the record’s content (The request timed out. (The request timed out.))))

DT does not give me an opportunity to skip or resolve the file - it just stops, and I sometimes have to reauthorize Dropbox.

Is there a setting or something I can change? Or should I just take a hammer to my iMac?


I suggest you wait for public beta 2 of the Sync plugin. It will work around some of Dropbox’s behaviors, which may be an issue you encountered.

Can’t give a release date, but probably not too much longer.