Syncing to remote database


I have just purchased DT To Go and am having a problem syncing to my remote database. On my desktop I have created a store at Box and the database has been uploaded. On my iPad, I have added the Box location with my username and password along with the encryption key. The app shows the database but when I switch it on, I am asked for authorisation - I put in the same username and password for my Box account but I keep getting Authentication failure.

What am I doing wrong.

Many Thanks


DTTG2 is looking for the encryption password you entered in DEVONthink when you set up that sync store on Box

Thanks Korm. I have put in the encryption password but when I try turning on the remote database, I get another login screen.IMG_0025.png

I am then inserting my Box username and password but I get authentication failure.

Have you given that database a username and password in Database Properties in DEVONthink?

No I hadn’t.

I got it working by deleting the app and reinstalling.