Syncing top database iMac to MacBook Pro

I am looking for the simplest most reliable method of syncing my dtop database which is located in my home/database folder on my iMac, to my macbook pro laptop, both computers run high sierra at the moment, maybe upgrade to mojave soon ? Also both use icloud and dropbox services, Guidance and advice please. Thanks guys

See Setting up syncing - best way?

Thanks, can you explain thesteps for the icloud method please between iMac and MacBook Pro ? Thanks

Click on the checkbox of the iCloud location in Preferences > Sync, enter an encryption key. Afterwards select the databases to synchronize in the right pane. Due to its asynchronous nature you might have to wait a little now for iCloud to process the stuff. Afterwards repeat the same steps on the second computer and use exactly the same encryption key.

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