Syncing trouble

I’m not sure if I’m missing something but the synchronization of my database seems to be troubled. I have a database with about 5500 documents (mostly pdfs) that takes up about 2GB. I have set up a dropbox sync store and have synchronized the database from my laptop. I then set up synchronization with an iMac for the same database. This seems to work fine. If I add or change a document on one computer and run a sync, the changes are reflected on the other computer. I then began trying to sync with an iPad and DTTG. I set up the sync store and started syncing the database. The sync ran and eventually I got a notification it had finished. When I looked at the content of the database on the iPad, there were no documents. There is a small cloud icon at the bottom of the left column of DTTG. If you click that icon, a small window opens. It states that it is synchronizing and there is a countdown (“143 of 4430 items” for example). The countdown finishes and then there is a list of file names being synchronized in that little window. Eventually it finishes and a done message appears. But it is not actually done. The cloud icon begins to fill again and the countdown begins again with a slightly smaller number (556 of 3978 items). This has gone on for a long while. It seems that if I were not to open the app and hit the cloud icon that the app would think syncing is complete. At this point, there are most but not all of the documents in the database but I am syncing on demand. If I try to download a specific document to view, I just get a spinning cog. There is a message that x items are not indexed in the search bar. Finally, the edit locations button is not available when this is going on. There is just a spinning cog.

Thoughts? Is this a normal behavior for a larger database. Would this eventually sync on its own if I didn’t touch it? It’s been a couple of days and it’s slow going.

Please start a Support Ticket.