Syncing via ssh or OneDrive

I just purchased DEVONThink, and would like to sync it between my iMac and Macbook. I don’t have enough space on iCloud or Dropbox to use these for synching, but my job does provide a OneDrive account, and I also have a linux box that I used to sync the rest of my files (via Unison File Synchronizer, which is essentially a bi-directional rsync). I can connect to it via ssh.

Is it possible to use either OneDrive or the linux computer as an intermediary to sync DEVONThink between my two macs?

Technically you could put a Local syncStore on either and point each copy of DEVONthink at it. There is no direct support for OneDrive.

The Linux box could be also used to run a WebDAV server.

Thanks Jim!

Another vote for adding Microsoft’s OneDrive as a built-in location, as this service provides good value and through various promotions is getting much more popular.

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