Syncing, WebDAV, Seafile, download but no upload

I am running DT 3.04 on two MacBooks (both 10.15.3) and one iPad. The syncstore connection is via WebDAV to a Seafile server.

With one MacBook (2019) and the iPad everything works out fine. Surprisingly the second MacBook (2015) can only download files from the syncstore. The upload to the syncstore does not work. The first MacBook (2019) gets an error message in the log: “Datei xxxxx.manifest der Datenbank nnnn fehlt”. All systems and settings on the MacBooks are identical.

Has anybody an idea what to do ?

That shows sync data is missing.
You need to clean the sync location from Mac 2019 and sync again.

PS: Seafile’s WebDAV may not be reliable. The only tickets I have regarding it seems to indicate this is the case.

Dear Jim,
Thanks the hint - this worked out fine.

You’re welcome :slight_smile: