Syncing -- what is most efficient/automatic?

I have DTG syncing two databases via Box. One is 3.5gb and the other is 1.7GB. But I’m a little confused about how to sync most efficiently.

Problem: It seems that my devices never truly enter a final “everything is synced now” state. I can have DTG open for hours. But if I tap on the cloud icon or if I do the rubber-band swipe down on any database I can see there’s always more files that need to be synced.


(a) Is this an issue particular to Box and DTG? Is there one service that syncs faster and more automatically?

(b) What’s the best way to sync. Should I periodically tap on the cloud icon? Or do a swipe down? Or something else?

I realize that some of this has to do with iOS limitations in background sync. But as someone who used to use Evernote, I guess I’m wondering if there’s anything approaching that kind of level of background/automatic sync.

Open and you not using it?

Any remote service can experience issues due to bad networks / WiFi, slow or unresponsive servers, etc. Using a cloud service doesn’t create a bulletproof Sync system. Also, Box sometimes runs into a 403 error that requires you having to log out of your account online, then re-login and answer a Catpcha.

(b) What’s the best way to sync. Should I periodically tap on the cloud icon? Or do a swipe down? Or something else?

The best option is to just leave it alone to do its thing and swipe or tap to initiate a manual Sync when you need to. Honestly, after an initial import to a device is done, you just keep working and let things happen.

PS: Evernote did not do anything special. It didn’t Sync when your device was asleep. When you launched the app it connected to its servers and the app updates. Dropbox’s mobile app does the same thing. No magic there. The only difference is they are connecting to their own servers. We are connecting as a thrd party. There is a very good chance that they employ options that may be unavailable to third parties. (Even Apple does this to developers.)

I use Dropbox to do Sync, and one of my databases is just shy of 3gb. The initial sync takes a while, obviously, and the exact time will depend on your internet speeds in your home/work. Once the initial sync is done, I haven’t found a need to really think about sync. Any changes sync promptly in both directions*.

I haven’t used Box to sync my databases so I not sure what part of your experience is related to differences between Box and Dropbox. That said, for the initial sync setup, (and assuming that the databases originated on a Mac) make sure that you let your Mac sync completely before doing ANY configuration on your iOS devices or other Macs.

*I do find I have to be a bit more attentive on the Mac side of things. every day near the end of my day I normally go though a procedure of “Updating Indexed Items” (since I have a couple thousand indexed items) and forcing a sync (Since I have “Upload Indexed Items” enabled just to make sure that new or changed indexed files are properly synced up to the sync store. But my case is a bit unusual in that I have a large amount (in both number and file size) of indexed items. If you don’t have this situation you’ll likely not need to babysit this side of things quite so much!

Thank you both @scottlougheed and @BLUEFROG for the reply.

To clarify, I have been using DTG for months, so the initial sync is long over. An example of a problem I run into now is when, for example, I’ll be out of wifi range with my iPad and realize that the paper I added to my Mac a couple days ago never synced to my iPad, despite the fact that my iPad was at home, connected to wifi, and and despite my DTG being open at home while I was looking at some other document. And the fact that I can see that that there are more things that need syncing nearly every time I hit the cloud or do the swipe down makes me suspicious (perhaps incorrectly) that DTG needs persistent manual syncing.

I will try to re-do the initial sync with deliberate efforts to avoid configuring anything too soon, as you suggest. And perhaps I’ll try one of the other cloud services to see if it makes a difference.

P.S. Besides fairly reliable syncing, my Evernote experience was absolutely horrible. One of my favorite things about DEVONthink is that is liberated me from that prison! :slight_smile:

And always check DEVONthink’s Window > Log or the Sync icon in the bottom toolbar of DTTG2 if you think there are Sync issues.