Syncing: which direction seems to be the best utilization?

I upgraded from version 1 to 2 Pro and am starting fresh with it, using indexing instead of importing. Prior, I had special documents/notes that were exclusively in DT only, but now, I am keeping the files external as well.

With my new usage, I’d like to know opinions of what works better for you: syncing / updating the index to reflect docs on the hard drive; or putting things first into DTP and then getting them back onto the hard drive’s folder.

I used to save my clips and docs to either DT or ShoveBox via contextual menus. But for an email, such as a software license/serial registration, I’d save it to my licenses file on my hard disk. I was not putting those things from the hard drive into DT, but now I have some folders that I DO want to do that, but I don’t want anything accidentally deleted due to syncing.

Which seems to work the best? Clipping to / putting first into DTP, or to the hard disk folder first? Or maybe just do both at the same time via Hazel or CM script to send to the hard drive folder, and the Sorter for DTP?

The thing I want to avoid is having some script delete something from either place in the effort. Thanks!

This is a lot easier now as you could add all your new stuff to an indexed group and choose “Move to external folder” in the contextual menu afterwards. This will move the files to the indexed folder.

Synchronizing doesn’t delete anything on your disk, it’s only adding new files/folders to the database, updating modified files/folders and removing references to not existing files/folders from the database.

However, if you’re moving an indexed file/folder to the trash and going to empty the trash, an alert will ask you whether the external files/folders should be deleted too or only the references from the database.

Thanks! I’m getting used to the differences with version 2, and also it being PRO (my version 1 was DT Personal).

The reason I mentioned deletion was because some things did get deleted from the hard drive, even though I clicked “Only In Database”, so I haven’t yet figured out the safety of this new version. Or maybe there’s another command for delete or emptying the trash that I’m not aware of.

For example, I had tagged the main folders of my databases. After reading the manual more extensively, I realized tags were redundant here. So just now I dragged the tags to the trash. However, when I look at the trash, it appears that everything in my databases is in the trash, so I don’t know if emptying it will just remove the tags or delete the files they were attached to. All I want to do is not have the tags.

Another blunder was that I clicked on the duplicates folder. Selected them and deleted them. But it removed not just the duplicates but everything.

DEVONthink should only delete the tags. You could test this by using a new, empty database. Then tag some items, move the tags to the trash and finally empty the trash. The items should be still there.

You have to remove the undesired instances on your own as this smart group reports all items having duplicates. But if A is a duplicate of B, then B is of course a duplicate of A and therefore A and B are listed by the smart group.