Syncing with


I’m a new user here, and I’ve been encountering a problem setting up syncing with The issue is that the user name and password for that I enter don’t work. I suspect the problem is that my account at is managed in part by my university; when I log in to, I actually log in through my university’s sign-in process, which includes a security verification managed by Duo Mobile.

Is there a way around this on DEVONthink’s end? My university account gives me quite a bit of storage at, so I’d prefer to use it rather than dropbox or icloud. I’ve done me best to research the problem using this board, along with the Pro Manual, and the internet in general, but there’s limited documentation available for

Thanks in advance!

Due to their recent announcement usage of isn’t recommended anymore: … ba-p/55684

Or you could contact them and let them know that dropping support for standard protocols isn’t a smart move.


So will there be no way to sync to Box any more? Are there other protocols that DEVONthink uses that Box also uses?

No. We added as it supported WebDAV, meaning we didn’t have to use and maintain code for any proprietary APIs.