Syncing with Infomaniak kDrive

In my plan to store my personal documents in DT, I would like to know if there is any restriction in storing my dtBase files in my Infomaniak kDrive, where I already store my photos, the latest not being in any DT database?

Apparently, Informaniak kdrive is a Cloud service. And it has been said here quite often already, that DT databases must not be put in Cloud services. You can use it as a sync provider, if it offers WebDAV. Or you could periodically save your databases there as kind of a backup.

But do not use it for your databases in production. Please see the various threads on Google Drive, OneDrive et al here.

However, you can index files stored in Cloud drives. That makes them available for DT outside of databases proper.

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Ok, thx.
So, periodically manually copy (=backup) my dbase to the kDrive to sync them to Infomaniak server. That’s sounds ok for me.

I’d rather use their Webdav option which allows you (or should allow you) to use DT’s sync. That’s what I do with “Magenta Cloud” (German Telekom’s offering). Quite reliable in my experience, and the DT database are available on all my devices without me doing anything for it.

I too use some of Infomaniak’s web services, as I am based in Switzerland and like more granular control in a country which has a more conscious to personal data, if I can afford it.

I do not use kDrive, though, but I have noticed that they they do offer WebDAV as a way to access their cloud-based service, see this FAQ:

@philippe99 let us know how it goes, if you decide to experiment with WebDAV on kDrive.

Greetings from canton Vaud, between Lausanne and Geneva.


I wouldn’t suggest this action since it sounds like you’re again talking about putting a DEVONthink database in a cloud-synced location.
A better option would be to use File > Export > Database Archive or Script menu > Export > Daily Backup Archive. These commands create a ZIP file of the database, suitable for putting on the cloud.

The poster said

Which sounds like “backup” to me, not like “use database in cloud location”. I’d still advocate using their Webdav service for syncing. Seems more versatile to me, because it permits the easy use of DTTG, and also of DT on several devices.