I started playing around with DTTG 2.0 and found one feature which I would like to see implemented.

Currently you have to setup a syncStore to access all databases from a certain location. I did this with bonjour sync to my iMac which is working great.
the issue now is, that i want to have some databases synced to the device (all documents should get synced and should be available “offline” or when not at home) and other databases should only be synced on demand (I bought the expert features in-app purchase).

but I can only configure on syncStore level if all documents should get synced or the sync of documents will be manual.
how could this be done?

You would set the Sync Location to On Demand and the individual databases to Always or On Demand in their Info popup. (Note: This is covered in DTTG2’s built-in Help.)

found it - thx.

one suggestion: please post the embedded help of DTTG as a PDF online as every other documentation… it is a pain to search for stuff on the 4" screen of a phone.