Syntax highlighting in markdown

I’m looking for simple instructions in how to set up syntax highlighting for editing Markdown documents in DT3.

I gather from searching the help files, forums and the Web that it’s possible, but I’m unable to make it work, or even follow much of the discussion here – I’m a journalist, not a developer.

Can someone point me to, or create, a step-by-step “for dummies” instruction guide to setting this up? I’d love to ditch Ulysses/Multimarkdown Composer/other markdown editor and just write my documents in DevonThink.


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Are you referring to syntax highlighting while you edit or when previewing?

While editing.

There is no syntax highlighting while editing for Markdown files. It’s just a plain text presentation.

Alas! But at least now I know. Thanks!

Would love to see this as a feature in DT. While previewing Markdown is nice I really want to see basic MultiMarkdown syntax highlighting.

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Same. Consider this a feature request, if I did not make that clear earlier.

Doesn’t have to be fancy. Bold text should be bold. When entering hyperlinks, mute the brackets and parentheses and the URL itself. Etc.

If you want to get fancy, add folding from headers, and give me a handle with which to drag each header (and the text below it) up and down.

Bold text should be bold. When entering hyperlinks, mute the brackets and parentheses and the URL itself. Etc.

What you’re asking for is not syntax highlighting but either a hybrid rendering (showing control characters and their effects in the same window) or edting in preview mode. Both would not be simply done (and it would certainly have to be optional as some people would like neither option (and I personally do not like the hybrid rendering style)).

Syntax highlighting while editing just be like this…

(And no that’s not an example in DEVONthink :slight_smile: ).

Syntax highlighting, as you describe it, for Markdown would be quite satisfactory. Is that something that’s planned? Is it already available and I’m unaware of it?

It isn’t available and no concrete current plans I’m aware of. However, it’s on our very long list of possible enahancements.


I would be happy to see this feature as well. Please consider implementing it as I am writing long (scientific) notes in markdown and don’t wanna keep changing between editors. It would be nice to have scroll sync for preview and syntax highlighting while editing would definitely help!

Welcome @aydn
Noted, with no promises, of course :slight_smile:

Checking in on this old subject – are there any plans to offer syntax highlighting hybrid rendering?

I’ve essentially given up on Markdown and am using rich text because I prefer to use DevonThink rather than Markdown. But I’d really like to use Markdown in DevonThink, which is not practical for me given DT’s current limitations.


Sorry but there are no current plans for a hybrid renderer. Have you tried the side-by-side view?

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I have tried the side-by-side view, and also toggling quickly between edit and preview mode using Ctrl-Cmd-X and Ctrl-Cmd-P. Just not as good as a hybrid renderer (or live styling, as I have also seen it named here – I just call it syntax highlighting).

I agree that hybrid rendering can go to far, but something like IA Writer, MultiMarkdown Composer and Ulysses are just right.

+1 :blush:

@BLUEFROG meant to have the syntax highlighting discussion here.

I’ve found in DevonThink’s help I can enable Prism in the Media section but when I got to the location mentioned under Application Support there aren’t any stylesheets there.

Borrowed the stylesheets from MacDown but would be less friction if DevonThink included them.

Tried turning Prism on and off with ```python …``` doesn’t appear to have any effect.

Ahhh, just found on another thread you have to prefix with language-, eg, language-python.

Reading How to enable Prism on DT 3.5? it sounds like built-in Prism support’s a non-starter.

you have to prefix with language- , eg, language-python .

Correct. That is Prism’s convention.

And no, there are no separate stylesheets to select for Prism. Prism’s stylesheet is internal.