Syntax to resize markdown images in Devonthink preview

Hi all

I wonder if one can use a DT/common MD syntax to resize images in markdown preview mode

ie for a link like

 ![CleanShot 2022-05-30 at 21.05.04](assets/CleanShot%202022-05-30%20at%2021.05.04.png) 

can one specify a min/max size?

@BLUEFROG , this time I did read the help file in depth but couldn’t find references to that in the markdown section :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

thx a bunch


You probably have to do that in a CSS file/inline. MMD does not allow for classes to be added to its elements, afaik.

Thanks for trying beforehand :smiley:

@chrillek is correct in that this would be handled via styling, e.g,…

img {
width: 150px;

gotcha in that case…can I put a feature request for adding in link resize like in obsidian ie:

# MD
# or 



I don’t think that’s a good idea. Firstly, I guess that these dimensionless values are meant to be in pixels. Which is not a sensible choice for sizes nowadays: while 100 pixels are a third of the screen width on an iPhone, they’re only about an eighth on an ipad and even less on the desktop. Why wouldn’t I want to see the image larger on a larger screen?
Secondly, such a modification breaks compatibility. Markdown is already fractured enough as it is. Introducing another “feature” is not helping.
Thirdly, the solution is already there, and it is called CSS.

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There’s also an option in Preferences > Editing to scale images automatically, this is applied to Markdown & rich text documents and formatted notes.

This does work in DT for resizing images:

[image-with-attributes]: logo.png “For this image, the height and width are specified” height=22px width=60px

Actually, this method would be for resizing specific images, not a global styling of all images.

The request is noted but that is non-standard behavior.