Tab behavior in group/database selector

When I import something in DTPO, either from Safari using the DTPO plugin (which I’ve configured to trigger with Shift-Cmd-C) or with the Sorter (I’ve configured F1 as my “Copy Selection” hotkey), the black transparent group/database selector dialog that lets me select where to put the clip, add a note, tags, etc.

The default location of the cursor is in the Note field. If I want to move it to the Tags field BY USING THE KEYBOARD, how do I do that? I can’t see a way. If I use the Tab key, it simply enters tabs into the Notes field.

Except: If I use Shift-Tab, it reverse tabs through the fields and eventually takes me to the Tags field.

Seems a round-about way to do this. Is there no direct way to tab, or otherwise using the keyboard, get the cursor into the Tags field in this dialog?

Control-tab will do what you want.

Grrr… I thought I’d tried EVERY modifier+TAB key possible. Guess I missed this one. THANKS!