Tab re-ordering

Dragging and dropping to reorder tabs in the browser would be useful and streamline the HI alongside Safari 3.0.

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Thank you for the suggestion but to be honest, I’m curious why that’s necessary or useful.

  1. Muscle memory when you have DA open all the time with browser windows delinating subject matter.
  2. The boon of having tabs as a drag source is tear off tabs to create new browser windows to create new subject matter containers.

There I am sure more reasons but those are mine - the fact that nearly every modern browser supports tab reordering, it becomes something people shape their workflow around. Any reviews you see of Safari 3 state more that just a feature enhancement but that safari “finally” handles this and dually supported tear off tabs in both the browser and terminal window.

This seems like a useful feature for any application focused on a potential of a large number of document windows. Least of all an application that aids research explicitly.

I wouldn’t mind having drag & drop tabs in DEVONagent.

In DEVONagent I have three tabs containing URLs and severals blank ones for temporary stuff. DEVOnagent remembers them and reloads them after a relaunch. I prefer that to Safari’s Bookmark Tabs, because except for the first 3 tabs, the other ones that may be in use are ‘floating’ and I don’t want to permanently bookmark them. I usually avoid having a lot of tabs loaded at the same time, to leave more memory available for my DT Pro Office database.

tab reordering would be cool. I’m not sure when and why I use it, but I know that I do fairly often. Definitely one of thos nice to haves.


I’ve used it to reorder tabs so I can read a series of articles in the sequence I prefer. For instance, a blog might recommend an article and then link to other blogs’ comments. Sometimes I don’t realize I want to persue the subject until I’m deeper into the text and I’ve already opened a few tabs. Then I go back and open the original article in another tab. When I used a browser with this feature, I could reorder the tabs so I could read the original article and then, as I closed that tab, the next window would contain comments that expand on the original–and so on.

It’s also been helpful to drag tabs to another window so I could, in a sense, group related things as I explore.


This is a feature that I too would like to see. Since at this point it’s become a standard interface convention for browsers, I often find myself attempting to drag DEVONagent tabs through sheer force of habit even though I know that DEVONagent doesn’t support it.

I use tab re-ordering all the time in Safari. I really would like to see it in DA.