Tab usage similar to browser

I usually work on more than one document in Devonthink and wondered if it would be possible to improve the use of tabs and make them “similar” to how they work in a browser. I have tried working with tabs to avoid having several database windows open and still do not quite understand how to use them efficiently. Improved documentation of the feature would probably help as well, since it differs greatly (AFAIK) from standard (browser) behaviour.

Thank you!

How does it differ?

Tabs can only be"invoked" by marking two entries and and choosing Data > Open in Tabs (or with the assigned shortcut) rather than opening an empty tab and choosing a document.

Mostly I need to include an entry to open from the same folder that I do not like to view, if my second entry I would like to view in the second tab is in a separate folder.

Upon invoking tabs I cannot add a new empty tab (e.g., using command+t)

Adding new tabs is only possible once the + sign is pressed; no shortcut is assigned; idem for closing tabs

Tabs can not be reordered as in e.g., Safari

The preview, while useful since not the whole title is displayed, is not legible for text documents

+1 for this. More flexible tabs would be great, including:

o Add a ‘+’ button to open a new tab.
o Allow tabs to be re-ordered.

I wonder if this feature request is under consideration? The current implementation of tabs is a little frustrating, and it would be very helpful to be able to open a tab without having a document selected (as with standard browser behaviour), to allow for navigation to and viewing of the required document. Unless I am mistaken, the only way to open tabs is to select two (or more) files and then invoke Data -> Open In Tabs. Fine if I want to view two files in the same folder, but if I want files from different folders this feels kludgy, as I have to select the open tab and then navigate to the file I want in the sidebar. I find it difficult to switch quickly and seamlessly between files in a database, unless they are open in separate windows.

Consideration? Sure. Implementation? … Just a wee bit busy in here. :smiley:

I had hoped you might be busy implementing the feature :smiley: .

Assuming that I’m reading between the lines correctly and this is not in DTPO’s immediate future, I’m open to any suggestions of workarounds, or ways to view files in different folders quickly and efficiently.

If “immediate” means before DEVONthink To Go 2 is released, that would not be likely. Sorry, just being honest.

won’t dt just get safari-style tabs automatically as per macos 10.12 update?


won’t safari-style tabs be added automatically to dt as per macos 10.12 sierra update?