Table and automatic filter in DTPO_2

Is there a roadmap to implement an automatic filter.
Why ?
I would use table with a list of quality documents.
Some documents are new and valid and some not valid.
An automatic filter is helpful and elegant to filter the documents.

Or have someone an idea to use this with other workflow.


I’m not certain what you mean by a ‘quality’ document. That seems to imply a judgment, perhaps best left to the human rather than to an algorithm.

If you wish to distinguish a ‘quality’ version of a document as contrasted to another version of that document, that can be done in a variety of ways.

Example: Quality assurance documentation such as guidance documents and standard operating procedure documents may be periodically updated. It’s important that only the current versions are the ‘official’ ones, although outdated versions should also be maintained for historical reasons.

One obvious approach would be to maintain the official documents in a specific group organization, and to archive the outdated versions to a different group location, or even to a different database. That’s the approach most commonly used. If, for example, I had a database holding the standard operating procedures for a work group, that would work, including a case such that the database is ‘broadcast’ to multiple users via DT Pro Office’s Web Server mode. (Typically, only the current ‘official’ version of each document should be visible.)

For search purposes, including a smart group, one could also use a marker such as a custom Label to designate the ‘quality’ of a document. So, for example, I might assign a Label to the current version of each quality assurance document, and remove the Label from other versions as they become obsolete. That would let me create a smart group that would list all the current quality assurance documents (by a Label search). I would also be able to search by document name and see a complete listing of all versions of that document, with the current one distinguished by the Label mark. Alternatively, I could assign a specific Tag to current versions, removing that Tag as a version becomes obsolete. (Tags will be activated in the forthcoming public beta 8.)

Thanks for answer and your aspects to work flow.
Quality document mean that we must work in accordance to rules.
The rules are documented in papers and this is it.
Your answer show me that an automatic filter in tables is not on road map.
If I carry out your proposal I must create different tables for every criterion.

Let me give some examples for criterion.

Validity: Yes or No
Business unit: A or B or C …
Region: International or Regional

I know that in other apps there is an automatic filter in tables.
See Excel or Project.

At moment I can only sort in tables in DTPO_2.


No, my answer means that I didn’t understand your question. Sorry.

By tables do you mean Sheets, the spreadsheet-like documents in DEVONthink?



Do you want to have sorting based upon multiple columns or do you want to reduce the sheet to (few) rows matching certain criteria?

I have in table based sheet some columns and lot of rows.
In all columns and rows are different information.

A, B, C.
Yes, No.
Germany, France, USA.
blablabla …, upsupsups …, tralalala …

And so on.

I would filter all columns.

Column_1 to B or / and Column_4 to tralalala

The result after filter of table is an extract of all information in table.


So you want to “query” the sheet using multiple criteria (similar to smart groups) and view only the matching rows? There are currently no such plans, I’m afraid.

Thanks for feedback.

Bad news :wink: ? ;-(