Table margins

Normally I use Pages for business letters, but just for fun I decided to see if DTP would do the job.

In Pages my letterhead consist of a table: 1 row; 3 columns. All three boxes in the table contain text only.

So I created the same thing in a DTP rtf doc (note). Looks darn good, however, I can’t figure out how to control the width of the table. I can control the margins for text I type, but no margin adjustmentss I make seem to affect the table. It is always the max width allowed for the paper. I just want to bring the margins in so it isn’t so wide looking.

I tried doing it in TextEdit, but I didn’t have ay luck there either. I’ve checked Help, plenty of messages on the forums, but didn’t really see how to control table width.

I’m sure this is so basic and simple, but never using TextEdit, and now DTP, for business letters I’ve never had to do this.

Sorry, for any printed document requiring control of margins and layout elements such as header, footer, footnotes, etc. you will need a more capable text editor than DT Pro or TextEdit.

I do most of my writing in DT Pro as rich text. But for final polishing and output I then copy it over to Pages or Papyrus 12. I’m using Papyrus 12 these days because it has a hybrid PDF file format that’s fully editable in Papyrus. This that allows one to see a document exactly in a DT database, yet use Open With Papyrus to modify and save it – the single copy of the hybrid PDF file is directly modified in the database. And of course since it’s also a PDF file that can be viewed on any platform using a PDF viewer, my word processing/spreadsheet files don’t fall prey to the “Tower of Babel” problem caused by proprietary file formats that can’t be read by other people.

Well shucks. So in other words, if I put a table anywhere in a TextEdit doc, even it’s it’s on 1 column wide, it’s going to be the full width of the page. That sounds dumb. But, if that’s the way it is, then that’s the way it is.

I mainly use DTP to collect info I may want to use. I like your info about Papyrus, but I just don’t see any big benefit in my situation. I love Pages for the things I use it for, and I don’t see any super benefit in storing Pages docs, or Papyrus, in DTP.