Table Of Contents bug with markdown file

Table Of Contents bug with markdown file

bug.pdf (361.7 KB)

Tried to restart the software and reboot the system, but did not solve the problem

Those don’t appear to be the same file.
Please clarify this. Thanks.

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Which problem, exactly? To me, it seems that the VS Code provide is incorrect since it includes the hash marks.

I’m not seeing 1 and 1.1 in the image of the TOC created by DT (disclaimer: as per my usual I have not downloaded or viewed the file attached to the post).

No worries – it’s only a PDF of the images. Not helpful, whereas the source of the MD might be.

Pleas ZIP and attach the file for us to inspect. Thanks.

使用NC实现文件传输 (2.1 KB)

Thanks for the file.

The problem is you have a preceding space in front of your headers.

You need to remove that prefixing space and you’d get a proper table of contents…

Development would have to assess this behavior.

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Yes Thank you very much :grinning:

You’re very welcome. :slight_smile: