Table of Contents Erased when Merging Documents

Let’s suppose I am writing a book and have 10 chapters, each in a PDF. If I use DT3 to Merge these 10 items and call the resulting file My Book, then DT3 will create a Table of Contents listing Chapter 1, Chapter 2, etc. for each of the 10 PDFs from the merge.

If I now merge “My Book” with “Chapter 11”, I would hope to get a new document with a Table of Contents containing 11 individual chapters. However that does not happen instead I get a table of contents with “My Book” and “Chapter 11.”

Is there a way that DT3 can keep the table(s) of contents intact when merging two PDFs?

Merging creates a table of contents containing entries for each document, therefore you have to merge all chapters instead of merging an already merged book with a new chapter.

Usually after merging documents I will delete the original documents - thus they are no longer available to merge again. And even if they were available, that would be quite a bit extra work to have to locate those files and re-do the combine from scratch.

If I use the combine function in Acrobat to take an “already merged” document and combine it with a new document, Acrobat retains the original table of contents and adds the new item. Is there a reason why DT3 does not / cannot function in the same way?

Sure. Nobody requested this so far :slight_smile:


Obviously you have your plate full with lots of other requests - like custom meta columns in the web server :slight_smile:

When you get a chance as a “nice to have” feature this would be helpful.


The next release will support this.

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