Table of contents with url instead of item link

Is it possible to modify Tools->Create TOC so the hyperlink refers to the url instead of the devonthink-item-link?

This would be very handy to give a 3rd party access to the overview of my research for example, since they don´t have access to my database.


A hyperlink referring to what URL ?

The url in the metadata. Where I downloaded the press reviews for a certain topic from for example.

Development would have to assess implementing this request, noting it’s the first of its kind.

On the other hand, it would be possible to script it.

Here’s a simple example producing a Markdown file…

tell application id "DNtp"
	set sel to selection
	if sel ≠ {} then
		set itemList to {}
		set {recNames, RecURLs} to {name without extension, URL} of (selected records)
		repeat with incr from 1 to (count recNames)
			if item incr of RecURLs ≠ "" then
				copy (incr & ". [" & item incr of recNames & "](" & item incr of RecURLs & ")  " & linefeed as string) to end of itemList
				copy (incr & ". " & item incr of recNames & "  " & linefeed as string) to end of itemList
			end if
		end repeat
		create record with {name:incr & " selected records" as string, type:markdown, content:itemList as string} in current group
	end if
	--return itemList
end tell


wow! thank you very much. that’s so great.

You’re welcome.
On a side note, if there is no URL on a selected file, it will just record the filename.

For the fun of it and since it will make @Blanc happy to see so many braces, curly braces, parenthesis etc:

(() => {
    const app = Application("DEVONthink 3");
    const sel = app.selectedRecords();
    let i = 1;
    let textArr = [];
    sel.forEach(r => {
      if (r.URL() && r.URL() !== "") {
        textArr.push(`${i++}. [${}](${r.URL()})  `);
      } else {
        textArr.push(`${i++}. ${}  `);
    app.createRecord({name: `${i} selected records`, 
      type: markdown, 
      content: textArr.join('\n')});

Couldn’t test it though, because I’m still away from my DT installation.


Pure beauty :exploding_head:

Using a script to generate a Table-of-Contents allows for further customizations
For example, my ToCs for projects have sections for
Project Notes
Active Tasks
Pending Tasks
Completed Tasks

Yes, of course. The simple script I posted above could be extended in a variety of ways, if one is so inclined. :slight_smile:

I’d like to second the request slightly amended. I’ve often wished I could export a select columns of a section to say, csv or tab-delimited, and etc for processing by other applications. For example, I’d like to take a hundred URLs into JMP, a stat package, for textual analysis, or analysis of domains.

The new command File > Export > Metadata (JSON)… might be useful to reuse metadata like the URL in other apps.

Thanks for the JSON suggestion, but not all I do is stat - related - some times its as simple as exporting citations and the (hopefully) embedded links. Maybe I’ll see if Excel can be used.