Tables not displaying correctly in an ePub document

Hi all

I’m running DEVONThink Pro v 3.9. I’ve imported an ePub document (textbook) into a DT database. When I try to read tables contained within that ePub document, I can’t because the table is ‘squished’. I’d include a screenshot but this forum won’t let me link to Imgur.

If I change the viewer to ‘text alternative’ - the tables are displayed correctly but I lose access to the ToC within the ePub. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do to solve my problem? I’ve tried the ePub → PDF path but it didn’t convert well in Calibre.

Why not upload the image here? And did you open the ePub in eg Books? I’d stoße of Calibre can’t convert it, it might be borken.

Screenshot 2023-03-26 at 4.42.44 pm

Sorry, couldn’t see the upload button. Found it! Calibre can convert the ePub file, the formatting isn’t the best and results in tables being clipped and missing data as they spread across multiple pages.

Is this a public EPUB so that we could have a look at it? Looks like a bad/broken CSS.