Tabs not working in DA 2.1

I can’t get tabs to work in accordance with preferences. I’ve dumped them and restarted since downloading 2.1 but no luck. No matter how I set the preferences I can’t get DA to open a new link in a new tab and I can’t see any sign of the thumbnail previews mentioned in the brief news item about the release.

Is there a longer set of ‘release notes’ than the one paragraph ‘news’ item?

Thank you

Hi, Peter. You’ve had an interesting career. Your Web link did open in a new tab for me.

To see a thumbnail of the page ‘underlying’ a tab, just hover the mouse over the tab for a second or two.

See the What’s New sections in the online Help or in the user documentation for version history stuff.

Hi Bill,

If you click on successive links in the ‘digest’ tab of the DA window do they open in new tabs in the DA browser?

They don’t for me, no matter what I seem to do. (Tab images work fine now I know where to find them – thanks).

Within the DA browser I can get new tabs by CMD-Clicking (as set in the preferences).


Just Command-click on the links in the Digest.