Tabs: saving tab layout, + merge windows via macOS tabs

I tend to make heavy use of tabs, but have become wary of doing this in DevonTHINK - whenever the application closes, all open tabs are wiped, and I haven’t found any means of recovering them.

There’s also the fact that it can be easy to lose your place in the DT browser when jumping around between projects. Multiple windows are an option here, but this can create a lot of desktop clutter.

With that in mind, I have two suggestions:

  1. Save tabs between sessions. That way, progress is never lost.

  2. Ability to merge multiple DevonTHINK windows using the macOS tab bar. This would allow users to quickly jump between different locations in their database, as well as different sets of documents open in DevonTHINK’s tabs.

Tabs and window states. shouldn’t be lost if DEVONthink terminates cleanly.

Have you looked at workspaces?

Did you quit DEVONthink 3 or use force quit or did it crash?

Probably in cases of crashing or force quit. Just tested now and the tabs are preserved when quitting properly.

In this case it’s intentional to avoid endless crashes, e.g. a document in a tab might have caused the issue.