Tag a Sentence, not a Document

Greetings. I’m not sure if this can be done, but I’d like to tag a sentence, not a whole document. If I have a 40 page pdf as a reference, I want to tag a particular sentence so I can go straight to that sentence vs. reading 40 pages.


That’s not possible. One workaround might be to create a link to that page (via the contextual menu) and to insert this link e.g. into a rich text document.

Thanks Christian. I’ll consider the hyperlink. It seems it would be easier to insert a note and put my own tag in the comment. It wouldn’t be a DT tag per se, it would be my own. For example, I would add a note and insert #etymology.

Well, I just tried that. I opened a pdf in DT editor, inserted a note, added #etymology. I saved and closed the pdf. Then, I searched for #etymology and…nothing popped up. The search for all didn’t pull it up; neither did search for metadata.

Doesn’t DT search comments and notes on a pdf?

Thank you,

No, Annotations are not indexed and searchable.

By the way, non-alphanumerics aren’t searchable either, so the # in your Tag wouldn’t work.

Also, as an aside, a prefix is not required for Tagging. It’s actually a convention left over pre-OpenMeta then Finder Tags. If it makes sense for you (or you have other apps that require it), feel free to use them, but it’s not necessary.

And as a hint: Future changes may make this even less necessary to you. :smiley:

True, but as know prefixed tags are very common in social media (hashtags) and have carried over to several “modern” apps. TaskPaper uses @tags, which have syntactical meaning. Bear uses hashtags, etc.

Thanks all. I’ll call off the effort to tag sentences.

Bullfrog’s got me curious about this not being necessary in the future. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

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