Tag Bar Confusion

It’s very helpful to have the tag bar at the bottom of a document’s window showing all the tags associated with that document. However, if I click a link within that document which takes me to a web site, the tag bar will still display tags that applied to the previously viewed document.

That can be confusing, especially if I’m viewing several documents. It can lead me to think that a document (or web page, in this case) has tags when, in fact, it’s not even in my database.

In fact, if I click a link in a document that takes me to a website and then add another tag using the tag bar (which I don’t think I should be able to do since the page I’m viewing isn’t in the database), that new tag will be applied to the original document (i.e., it will be moved to a group if a tag of that group’s name exists–even as I’m still viewing the web page).

As far as I can see, the only indication I’m viewing a web page are the browser arrows that appear. While the Words and Keywords icons across from the URL are grayed, the Lock/Unlock, Classify, and Show/Hide Tags are not and remain accessible, even though they don’t do anything.


thanks for the bug report, v2.0.2 will fix these issues.