Tag Cloud Alternative Display

I am very thankful that you have included the concept of a “Tag Cloud” in DevonThink 3. It is a critical feature that helps drill down into subsets of large sets of tagged data.

I like the fact that you can right-click in the Tag Cloud which brings up the sort menu (count or name).

Though a tag cloud traditionally visually enlarges the tags with the greatest count, please consider the following ideas:

  1. Consider giving the option to show all tags displayed in the same font size in a list that is sortable by count or by name .
  2. Instead of visual representations of relative document counts, consider displaying the document count in parathesias (e.g. if I have a tag SAMPLE-TAG with a document count of 8, it would display as SAMPLE-TAG (8) ).

I have never liked the visualization representation of a tag cloud as it just prevents me from focusing on what I care about. The alternative description above depicts the data in a way that allows me to focus on what I care about - actual document numbers instead of visual representations of relative document counts.


You can change the sorting already via the contextual menu.

Yes, I understand you can sort in the context menu.

My request is to add the option to display the counts of documents per tag (instead of changing the font size to show which tag has higher counts, as exists in the current beta version).

For instance (with each tag displayed in the same size font):

tag1 (500)
tag2 (302)
tag3 (120)

(Still sortable by name and count)

+1 for this…

but where do you see the tag cloud view? I can see the concordance which behaves similarly but how does one generate a cloud based on the tags in the database? (I have searched manual and menus with no luck)

See e.g. Tools > Filters or icons at the bottom of the sidebar.

Thanks! This is great, especially in conjunction with the Pinboard import script.

Love the fact that there is now a cloud view and a list view. Thank you.

Any chance on adding the document count to each tag at least in the list view (as the cloud itself provided a “count” by the relative size of each item)? :

Tag 1 (30)
Tag 2 (22)


We might add this depending on feedback.

FWIW, I would find this feature useful as well.


+1 for a count - my Pinboard account renews next week but I’m moving it all to DT instead :slight_smile:

The List view option of the Tag filter supports this already.