Tag "Journal" is appearing and I can't see why

I am using DT3 to file bills and receipts. I’ve been using it and previous versions to do this for several years. Recently I decided to add tags to make sorting more convenient. For example, the gas bill is tagged “2020,GAS,BILL”, simple but works for me. A month or two age I migrated from using DayOne to keep a Journal. I tag the Journal entries with, for example, “2020,December,Journal”.

The issue I am now seeing is that when I add 2020 as a tag on any file the tag “Journal” gets added too. So I end up with “2020,Journal,GAS,BILL” which is wrong because it isn’t a Journal entry. I am not adding the Journal tag and if I remove it it comes back. Is this a bug or a feature that anything tagged with the year is auto tagged as a Journal entry??

A screen capture of the tags in your Tags group would be helpful.

I’d gladly post one if I knew what you meant by “Tags group”. If you mean all of the tags in the database that is a long list. How do I display the “Tags group” so I can take a screen shot?

OK, your short one line suggestion led me to the solution.

I figured that the Tags group you were asking for a screenshot of was the group named Tags under Globals. I haven’t looked in there recently. It turns out the tag named Journal associated with the journal entries that I had imported was behaving like a group and there was a hierarchical structure under the tag that contained a tag named 2020. In this screenshot the tag 25 tags the journal entries from October 25th this year.
… but at the top level of the Tags group there is also a tag named 2020 that I had been using to tag my PDF files from this year. My guess was that typing 2020 as a tag was selecting the 2020 in the Journal group instead of the one at the top level. The easy solution was to move the journal groups so:

Journal/2020/10/25 becomes 2020/10/25

Now there is only one tag named 2020 and no ambiguity.

Now I know tags can behave as a group containing other tags I will have a play since this seems like a powerful feature.

This is a sound decision.