Tag Not Group to Sync

Since there’s quite a note in the intro regarding the fact that tags and groups are essentially the same thing technically, why don’t we have a ‘Sync’ tag instead of a ‘Sync’ group? That way, when we file something in DT, we can just tag it, and it gets synced, instead of having to manually replicate, or copy the item to the ‘Sync’ group.

Interesting idea, maybe a preferable alternative to mine of replicating by default when adding items to the Sync group.

That’s what I do. I created a “Sync” tag, then dragged the “Sync” tag folder into the Sync group. Works great, and it’s so easy I’m surprised it’s not the “official” approach.


Works great as you mention-if groups have not been excluded from tagging in the database preferences. If groups have been excluded from tagging, then dragging the sync tag to the Sync group disables the tag.

Brilliant :bulb:

Hello, I’m confused so bumping this topic…

I would like to sync a variety of “stuff” to my iPad. I’m more of a tag person, less of a group hierarchy person. So I dragged a tag into the Mobile Sync group, and while it worked fine to sync, it seemed to turn the tag into a group. I have the database set to exclude groups from tags.

The only problem with this method is that, when I created a new document on my Mac and went to tag it with the newly “grouped” tag by typing the tag name into the status bar, it created a new “pure” tag distinctly from the tag-group in Mobile Documents.

Suggestions for how to sync my tagged documents without this idiosyncrasy popping up?


While I don’t have any bright ideas off the top of my head (though others might), I thought it was worth mentioning that we’re planning to have better support for tags with the new sync process that we’re working on right now.