Tag panel at top?

My questions concerns the following view mode of DTPO:

  • three-panes
  • widescreen
  • tag panel visible at bottom of right pane
  • DTPO filling the screen top to bottom without being in fullscreen mode

When adding tags in the tag panel, DTPO offers the nice feature of autocompletion. In the above mentioned window configuration the feature is not usable as the drop-DOWN menu is not visible. Would it be possible to either have a setting displaying the tag panel at top of the right pane or changing the behavior of the drop-down autocompletion menu to a drop-UP menu when screen space is not available.

Edit: I just noted that the same problem occurs in Lion fullscreen mode.

Thanks, Thomas

The menu does ‘drop-UP’ when in full screen or a zoomed view. Here is what I see when I enter an ‘a’ to begin the tag auto-complete. Depending on the number of matches, you may need to scroll the list to see all the entries, or keep typing to narrow the results.

Thanks for your feedback, Greg. Unfortunately it does NOT on my system. I am wondering if this might be a matter of version (using Pro Office 2.3.2) or localization (using German localization).
Bildschirmfoto 2012-01-19 um 00.04.25.png

Sounds like a localization issue, although I am surprised that Christian did not catch this. Might want to file a support ticket on this issue.

Emailed support six days ago concerning this issue. They claim to reply within two business days. Nothing so far. This is the third time within two years that I emailed support and never ever got any reply. Please DEVONthink team, either change the claim on your website to “we MIGHT reply to support issues” or take supporting your product serious!

I’ve just replied to today’s ticket. In case that you shouldn’t receive the email, please contact cgrunenberg - at - devon-technologies.com. Thanks.

The latest release fixed this bug. Thanks!