Tag proliferation

Another newbie question. I was just shocked to learn DTPO had somehow generated 7k tags. This is after I’d already cleaned them out once. All these tags is messing with my tax taxonomy.


DEVONthink imports OpenMeta / Finder Tags. Also, check Preferences > RSS and see if Convert Categories to Tags is checked. If so, it will create Tags from the feeds too.


Was looking for this too…
This was the evildoer…

Any ‘easy’ way to get rid of all the tags created from feed? A super intelligent script perhaps?

Create a new database and add your feeds to that database, and allow the tags to be created. That will be the list of tags to delete from your real database.

Aw, geez. I’d already fought this fight once with the initial import from EN and again with the RSS (when I turned them off).

There is no difference between tags I apply as part of my taxonomy and random tags that DTPO finds inside the articles and papers I import?

Also, tags are case sensitive, so I get both and ?

DEVONthink doesn’t find random tags inside articles and papers, but it will convert RSS feed categories to tags if the DEVONthink preference is set to do so (as mentioned earlier). These tags are the same as the tags you create and apply as part of your taxonomy.